Crassula sericea var. sericea

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Crassula sericea var. sericea

syn. Crassula argyrophylla
Clone 1: E7,50
Clone 2: E9,00 (available from March 2018)

Originating from Southern Namibia and South Africa (Northern Cape), growing in rock crevices often under overhanging rocks.
The leaves are densely covered with very fine hairs, grey-green to greyish brown. The margin and tip of the leaves often brown to brown-red.

Clone 1 is typical for the species with short thick leaves. The growing tips break off quite easily.
Clone 2 you don't see often, the leaves are more flat and wide than those of Clone 1 and soft like velvet. The plant grows taller than Clone 1, but still can be mentioned a (semi-)miniature Crassula.

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