Crassula columnaris ssp. prolifera

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Crassula columnaris ssp. prolifera

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This Crassula forms lovely fat columns with densely stacked leaves.
An adult shoot starts to stretch early winter, the leaf pairs take a distance from eachother and the wide column looses its beauty a bit.
In return you will get an even bigger beauty: an awesome inflorescence of several centimeters in diameter covered with orange flowers which continue to bloom for a long time.

The plant seems to die back then, but in the leaf-axils of the lowest leaves small new shoots have been developed.
This characteristic is THE big difference between this subspecies C. columnaris ssp. prolifera and the other subspecies C. columnaris ssp. columnaris which really dies back after their white flowers stopped blooming and can therefore only be propagated through seeds.

Origin: South Africa, North Cape.

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